Monday, October 6, 2014

Act 4 Blog

We are going to extend our Socratic discussion based on Act 4 of The Crucible. Answer my question first and I want you to respond to at least 2-3 others, make comments, and continue questioning one another.  In terms of comments toward one another, make sure you focus on the real world implications of this text, discussing what is significant and what we can actually take away.
I do not want one word responses; I expect formal writing and intelligent thought showing your discerning observations and analysis. Please keep in mind the ideological statements and central questions as a means of helping you to analyze further.  Depth is a must!

You must choose between question 1 or 2 and everyone must do #3.

1.  As you read this act, what spoke to you the most or evoked the most emotion?  What quote was the most powerful and why?  Make sure you really reflect on what Miller shows through the quote and why.

2.  Think about the definition of an allegory; we know this text is an allegory for the time period during which Miller lived.-list 2-3 characters, events, or facets of setting that you think are allegorical from the play and what do they correspond to specifically?

*3.  As a result of reading the play and seeing the movie, are you more interested in what actually happened in Salem in 1692, what actually happened during McCarthyism in the 1950s, what happens when an illicit teenage lover is spurned, the effects of infidelity on a married couple, etc. (these are just ideas, but there are obviously more)?  What is it about Miller's work that prompts your interest? (Question from Margo Burns)  Hence, tell me what you really walk away with in terms of what this play can teach us on a humanistic level.  This is a critical, yet subjective response and  I expect a detailed.

When you finish, make sure you ask questions and begin responding to others. Make sure to respond to different people; challenge one another, question each other; help each other to see more.